Your independant company consultant "Improvement is always possible, anytime, anywhere!"

Based on my broad experience within the international aluminium remelting and process industry and my passion for “improvement” I will:

Reduce costs of your production process

Improve the quality of your finished product

Secure your organizational continuity

Reinforce your companies sustainability

Back-up your investment projects

  • The production process through:
    • quality controll
    • adjusting and reducing your waste flows
  • Resource availability
  • Generating maximum profi tability from raw materials
  • Stock management
  • Procurement process and strategy
  • Internal and external logistics systems and processes
  • Training and employability of your staff
  • Reduction of your ecological footprint
  • Product market combination
  • The sales proposition

Strategic planning has to be realized in daily practice. The performance of your employees has a substantial infl uence on the results of your company. Also they will have my undivided attention.